Justin Bieber's Ridiculous Contract Means Partying With Biebs Could Bankrupt You

Justin BieberRemember when all those pictures went around showcasing Justin Bieber smoking pot? And then Bieber apologized for smoking pot while guest-hosting SNL, saying he was sorry for letting his fans down? Well apparently the Biebs has learned his lesson, because he and his people have come up with a legitimate contract that everyone, EVERYONE, has to sign before entering his Calabasas mansion. And let me tell you, Bieber's party contract is intense.

Highlights include a section that states that anyone who enters the house and blabs about the people there, including the "physical health, or the philosophical, spiritual, or other views or characteristics" of those partying, will get in big trouble. Oh, and if you tweet, blog, Instargram, or Facebook about the shebang? Hello, $5 million fine. FIVE. MILLION. DOLLARS.

The first rule of Bieber's party is you can't talk about Bieber's party.


I'll be real: It's easy to want to rag on Bieber for this kind of thing. I mean come ON -- the kid is asking people to sign a contract before even walking into his kitchen! But in all seriousness, I've heard of celebs doing things like this before, and I don't blame them! These are huge public figures. Parties, foul-play, a relationship gone bad -- all of these scenarios can massively tarnish their image. A contract like Bieber's protects that, for the most part anyway.

With that said, you've gotta wonder what is going on behind closed doors at the Bieber mansion. How crazy are these parties? Are there ponies and midgets stripping on tables? Is Justin running around naked showing off his little Bieber!? Or perhaps the parties are actually lamer than we imagine and Biebs just doesn't want the world to know. Eh, who knows. One thing is for sure: I can NOT afford to break his contract.

Would you sign a contract to party with Biebs?


Image via iloveJB123/Flickr

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