Pauly D. Looks Nothing Like Pauly D. With Shocking New Hairdo (PHOTO)

pauly dOnce known for that unmistakable cement finish to his hair, Jersey Shore star Pauly D. has taken a trip to the softer side. The 32-year-old reality star looks unrecognizable with his new, side-parted 'do, and if you've always thought Pauly D. and his insanely gelled hair were unattractive, you might change your tune after seeing his transformation. Boy's good lookin'!


He took to Twitter to reveal his new look, and wow, goodbye Pauly D., hellooo Signore DelVecchio. I don't know if he's been listening to Justin Timberlake's "Suit & Tie" shit, or watching the Great Gatsby over and over, but this combed, debonair style hair is doing him a lot of favors.


pauly d

With one swipe of the hairbrush, he went from Jersey Shore Guido to Jude Law Casanova. Right? Pauly looks like he could be a suave gangster in 1940s Sicily ... or a really hot waiter at Cipriani's in downtown Manhattan.

His co-star Snooki has reinvented herself since the Jersey Shore days -- gone are the poof, the "beer belly", and the crazy outfits -- and maybe Pauly's looking to do the same.

Could it be that they're all, gasp, growing up? Cheers to their maturity, and to Signore DelVecchio's hot new look.

Yeah, buddy.

Do you like Pauly's new hair?


Photo via Frederick M. Brown/Getty; DJPaulyD/Twitter

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