Farrah Abraham Confirms New Reality TV Show, But Don’t Get Too Excited Yet

farrah abrahamSome of us felt like we got just about enough of Farrah Abraham after she released her sex tape. But hang on to your remotes, America. Hang on real hard. She is just getting started. Yesterday Farrah Abraham confirmed plans for a new reality TV show. She's signed with SpinBoi Films to develop a new "docu-soap" that follows the Teen Mom around while she, well, you know, does her Farrah thing. But there's an important catch!

No network has signed yet. Whatever Farrah and SpinBoi do together -- on camera I mean -- it's gonna have to be sensational enough to get a network to take it on. Otherwise, this Farrah show will go the way of her spaghetti sauce.


And you know what else? This is all on Farrah. According to Starcasm, the only other project SpinBoi has ever produced is I'm Still Sally staring Sally Jessy Raphael in 2011, and well. Remember what a huge hit that was? Exactly. I don't even know if it ever saw the light of day. (Haha, Starcasm suggests naming the new show Still Farrah.)

So the way I see it, this could go a few different ways. Either it's SO banal it fizzles and no one wants it. Or, I could just be underestimating Amercia's fascination with Farrah's every batshit crazy utterance and peccadillo and it'll live for a season and everyone will be sick of it by the end. Or, now that Farrah's already given us the full Monty, America has gotten what it wants from Farrah and will not care. 

Most likely scenario: Farrah isn't clever enough and SpinBoi isn't skilled enough to produce a truly satisfying reality TV show. I mean, we all know it's all about the editing, right? If they can't get that right, it doesn't matter how much crazy Farrah delivers. I'm not feeling too optimistic about this one.

Do you think Farrah's reality TV show will ever see the light of day?


Image via Farrah Abraham/Twitter

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