Kristen Stewart Is BFFs With Taylor Swift After Breakup With Rob & We Know Why

Kristen StewartIt's only natural for her to want to surround herself with good friends to help deal with the aftermath of her breakup with Robert Pattinson, but why the heck is Kristen Stewart hanging out with Taylor Swift?

No, seriously you guys -- those two are apparently buddies, and Kristen recently "spent all day" at Taylor's home in Beverly Hills, which is just plain weird no matter how you look at it. (And why is Taylor in Cali when she has that fat new pad in Rhode Island to chill out at?)

I mean, can you think of two girls who are more polar opposite than these two? When and where, exactly, did this friendship begin? The only thing they have remotely in common is their connection to Taylor Lautner, so it just seems strange for them to be so chummy.


But I guess if anyone can offer some decent advice on how to get over a breakup, it's Taylor Swift for sure. That poor girl has had more than her fair share of heartache (even though she brought most of it on herself) over the past few years, so I guess it sort of makes sense that Kristen turned to her in her time of need.

Aren't you kind of curious as to what they chatted about during the hours they spent together though? Do you think they bashed the hell out of Rob? Making fun of exes is sort of Taylor's trademark thing, so it's hard not to wonder if she and Kristen dragged the poor dude under the bus and talked all sorts of trash about him.

OMG, and you know there is already some sort of breakup song in the works. There HAS to be. Kristen and Rob's split is basically record gold for Taylor, you know -- since she's run out of her own exes to slam at this point.

She's already written about all of her breakups, so why not take the most famous failed romance in Hollywood and turn it into a number one hit?

Hmm. I wonder what it will be called. 

"I Cheated but You're the One Who Got Screwed"

"We Are SO Probably Maybe Getting Back Together"

"Back to July"

Or maybe it will be something much more simple, along the lines of Taylor's "15" and "22" -- like "Trampire."

Do you find Kristen and Taylor's friendship to be pretty strange?


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