January Jones Finally Addresses Baby Daddy Mystery & Doesn't Pull Any Punches

January JonesIf you've been inclined to think of actress January Jones as, let's say, not a particularly warm and friendly person, it's unlikely that her recent New York Times interview will do much to convince you otherwise. The interviewer somewhat predictably compared her to Betty Draper, the "sweet and sullen character" she plays on Mad Men, and says Jones' glamorous demeanor is "as wintry as her name." Jones was also put on the spot to share a particular detail about her personal life that may have endeared her to her detractors -- but she was having none of it. According to January Jones, the identity of the mystery man who fathered her 20-month-old son Xander is none of our business.

Was this the sort of response that will, once and for all, erase Jones' reputation as a stone-cold bitch? Not even a little bit. Is she right? Well, of course she is. 


Plenty of rumors have swirled about who Jones' babydaddy might be, but she's been famously tight-lipped about this subject along with pretty much everything else about her personal life. The New York Times piece suggests that this sort of attitude might be contributing to the way people perceive her:

Fans might relate better to her if she did discuss her private life, but the prospect seems not to interest her.

It's true that Jones comes across as something of an anomaly in the Kardashian-drenched world of oversharing, but personally, I suspect her chilly persona has a little more to do with with how she actually comes across face to face, rather that what she chooses to discuss about herself. Orrrrr maybe it has to do with statements like this:

The bitches in high school were bitches because I was pretty.

Regardless of whether her prickly ice queen reputation is deserved, she's definitely not down with making herself seem more likable by spilling any details about her son's paternity. As she put it,

That's my son's business. It's not the public's business.

Well, good for her. She has every right to keep that information private, and while I really don't fault The New York Times for hoping to be the first publication to get the big babydaddy scoop, it was pretty obnoxious to ask.

Jones went on to explain a little about why she keeps her personal information close to the vest:

Jack Nicholson once told me: "You should never give your personal life away, otherwise people will pick you apart. They'll never believe in your character." (...) Women should have lots of secrets. It's our right to have secrets. Otherwise, what would we write in our memoirs?

Unfortunately, wanting privacy certainly doesn't guarantee she'll get it, but I totally respect her stance. Hopefully she'll be able to keep the media from revealing this information before she and her family are ready.

What do you think about January Jones' answer about who her son's father is?

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