Jodi Arias Has a Funny Way of Pleading for Her Life (VIDEO)

Jodi Arias has changed her mind. Again. She said she preferred the death penalty over life in prison, but apparently she's had time to reflect on that, and now Jodi prefers life to death. She told the jury who is currently deciding her fate:

I lacked perspective. Until very recently, I could not imagine standing before you and asking you to give me life.

But now she is. Because we know Jodi likes to flip flop around on what she says. Hey, you'd be asking for life too. Jodi isn't asking it for herself, of course, but for others. For her family. For victims of domestic violence. She plans to sell T-shirts saying "Survivor" and donate the proceeds to them. Which is interesting because if the jury actually believed she was a domestic abuse victim, she wouldn't be facing death row.


Jodi seemed rather unemotional as she recounted how she wanted to stay alive. "I cannot in good conscience ask you to sentence me to death, because of them," she said, indicating her family. "I think death is tantamount to suicide. Either way, I will spend the rest of my life in prison. It will either be shortened, or not. If it is shortened, the people who will be hurt is my family. I am asking, please, please, don't do that to them."

Which was smart because I don't think the jury likes Jodi very much. They might be more sympathetic to her family than her. But in terms of her plan to sell "Survivor" T-shirts -- that must have stuck in the craw of Travis Alexander's family. He couldn't survive Jodi.

Jodi also said she regrets testifying about the "graphic, mortifying, and horrific details" of her relationship with Travis and again went into her story that she didn't tell the truth originally because she wanted to save Travis's reputation. Not his life, mind you. But his reputation. Errr, okay.

Look, Travis was not an upstanding guy. I think he picked the wrong chick to jerk around. That said, he certainly didn't deserve to get stabbed 30 times and have his throat slit and also take a bullet to the head.

The jury has been instructed by the judge to consider the fact that Jodi has no criminal record, and whether she will benefit society more being alive or dead. That's the real question. Should Jodi get to remain a celebrity behind bars? She loves tweeting. She loves the cameras. She sells her paintings and wants to become a clothing entrepreneur. The jury might find the idea of Jodi as CEO of Jodi, Inc. too much to bear.

If I were Jodi, I would have apologized profusely to the Alexander family, thrown myself on the mercy of the court, and shut my trap. But this is Jodi.

Do you think she deserves the death penalty?


Image via HLN

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