Kris Jenner Wears Kim Kardashian’s Dress in a Bizarre Show of Mother-Daughter Love (PHOTO)

Kris JennerIn what has to be yet another desperate attempt to look much younger than she actually is, Kris Jenner wore Kim Kardashian's dress -- a Givenchy frock that Kim first turned up in at the beginning of her pregnancy.

And based on the pose Kris is striking in this photo, it's clear she's pretty damn proud of herself for pulling off wearing something that belongs to her 32-year-old daughter. Oh come on -- she's standing there with her hands thrown up in the air. Don't you feel like she's screaming, "Check me out, bitches! Am I a hot ticket or what?"

Of course, she tried to disguise her little brag-fest with the following caption to the photo, which she posted on Instagram: "I think I need to get out a little bit more, starting to dress to match my house #obsessed!!!"

(Yeah. Obsessed with trying to look 25 years younger.)


Or obsessed with looking like Kim. Remember that dark wig she wore in Greece?

Ok, so the dress itself really isn't all that bad -- when Kim Kardashian is the one wearing it. It's fitted, which is definitely a Kim thing, and it has a funky print going on, which she also seems to favor (wonder if Kanye picked this one out?).

Here's Kim in the dress. Pretty cute, right?

Kim Kardashian

But at 57, should Kris really be raiding her daughter's closet? Isn't that just a teensy bit, well -- lame?

At 35, I'm well aware that there are certain things I just can't wear anymore because of my age, and because I'm a mom. Even though I see plenty of gorgeous 22-year-olds who look amazing in a pair of booty shorts and tank tops, I'm not about to run out and buy similar attire in the hopes of appearing any less 30-something-ish than I am.

And I don't have a daughter, but if I did, I can guarantee I wouldn't think about trying to squeeze into her duds when I'm a grandmother, for crying out loud. And even if I do happen to be a GILF (is that a word?) when I'm a granny -- I still wouldn't wear my hypothetical daughter's clothes. Wanna know the main reason why? I wouldn't want to embarrass her.

Whether she realizes it or not, that's exactly what Kris did when she posted this photo. (Poor Kim.)

Do you think Kris looked good in Kim's dress?


Image via Instagram/Splash

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