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Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart's Breakup Mourned: 13 Memorable Milestones (RIP, Robsten!)

Celebrities Adriana Velez May 20, 2013

kristen stewart robert pattinsonFinally! The inevitable has happened: Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson broke up. For now. Whatever that means. Does anyone ever break up "until Thursday"? I guess someone is still clinging to hope that we'll get a Selena Gomez-Justin Bieber reunion. (And if that happens, I'll respond with all the maturity of Taylor Swift.) It could happen -- Kristen's lawyers could force Robert to live up to his no-breakups-until-August contract. Aw crap! I was going to stop bringing up that rumor.

Well anyway, it's the end of an era. And to be honest, I'm going to miss Robsten. They were A LOT of fun. I never tired of tracking the ups and downs of their relationship, the stunning contradictions coming from all those tabloid sources. What will we do without paparazzi photos of Rob and Kristen looking glum together at the airport? I do not know. So let us look back and remember all happy contented times. I give you: The Robsten Memorial Slideshow.

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1Kristen and Rob Meet on 'Twilight' Set

Spring 2008: Rob and Kristen meet during rehearsals for the first Twilight movie. I'm sure it was real and magical. Kristen is dating Michael Angarano, but it's only a matter of time ...

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2Kristen Finally Dumps What's-His-Name for Robert

June 2009: It's official! Kristen breaks up with Michael and gives her heart to Robert. Now begins the Robsten Saga.

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4Steamy Scenes in 'Breaking Dawn'

Fall 2011: Rob and Kristen start filming Breaking Dawn, and we hear their sex scene is so steamy, it gets an R rating until producers tone it down.

5Rob Says They're Not Getting Married ... YET

July 2012: In an interview, Rob is asked about rumors that he's planning on walking down the aisle with Kristen. The rumors aren't true, he says. "At least, not yet." Everyone, put your hand over your heart and say, Awwww.

6Kristen Cheats on Rob!

July 2012: Noooo! Kristen is caught cheating on Rob with her Snow White and the Huntsman director, Rupert Sanders. We are all shocked and saddened.

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7Rob Forgives Kristen

Fall 2012: Phew! Just in time for the Breaking Dawn 2 Premierathon, Rob and Kristen reconcile. All is right with the world once again.

10Rob Bans Kristen From Australia

March 2013: Or are they? Rob heads down to Australia to film The Rover and bans Kristen from going there. Like, the whole continent. She has to stay home in LA. What does it meeeeean?


12Robert & Kristen Celebrate Kristen's Birthday

April 2013: He gave her a dog! And a pen! For her birthday!!! It's so real you guys, I know these two are gonna make it because nothing brings a couple closer together than dogs and pens.

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