CaCee Cobb & Donald Faison’s Amazing Wedding Video Shows A-List Guests Getting Down 'n' Dirty (VIDEO)

cacee cobb wedding videoYee haw! Celebrities sure love them a glamorous backyard wedding. CaCee Cobb and Donald Faison got married last June, and now, part of their wedding video has been shared with the Internets. If you weren't insanely jealous of the party back when the photos were released, hold on to your straw hat, because the video will make your brain boil over with jealousy and make you wish Jessica Simpson was your best friend, too.

The video shows stars like Jess, Zach Braff, Seth Green, and Breckin Meyer (hello Clueless reunion!) let loose and have some fun. And when I say fun? I mean fun. Gah! So jealous.


CaCee & Donald // A Buzz from Wade! on Vimeo.

I don't know if my favorite part is Donald's worm on the dance floor, or this brilliant moment below, which captured Don giving the "cut him off" gesture in reference to something Papa Joe Simpson said:

joe simpson

The wedding looks like it was overflowing with friendship, love, and romance -- everyone seemed right at home.

Now that CaCee and Jessica are both pregnant, think we could get a babymoon video out of them, like this one? Same band and everything? That'd be great, thanks.

Do you love CaCee and Donald's wedding video?


Photo via Shark Pig Videos

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