Kate Middleton's 'Wardrobe Malfunction' Looks Awfully Familiar Somehow ...

Kate MiddletonOh, those celebrities and their "wardrobe malfunctions." These days it's about a nip slip or a crotch flash, but back in the day, Marilyn Monroe was probably the first celebrity to "accidentally" show us some body parts she didn't mean to -- when she played a girl in a movie called The Seven Year Itch who stands over a subway grate and lets the breeze ride her white pleated skirt all the way up past her undies. The image became iconic. But other celebs have done the 'Marilyn' seemingly without meaning to. Kate Middleton is the latest famous face to inadvertently show off her famous legs and nearly her entire butt when her white dress takes flight. Why's it always white?! Here are six other celebs who've had the famous 'Marilyn' malfunction.


Britney Spears. Brit flashed her buns at an unfortunate locale -- her sons' Jayden and Sean's soccer game. Brit was wearing a loose white T-dress when Oops! she did it again. A pesky gust of wind revealed her bottom cheeks to her sons -- who presumably have seen them before. But their friends probably hadn't. Embarrassing mommy!

Taylor Swift. Her skirt blew up past her undies while she was on stage in front of thousands of people. She doesn't look too happy about it either. What'd you expect with all that wind effect, Tays? By the way, Taylor has a superb derriere!

Beyonce. A gust of wind blew Beyonce's dress up in Tokyo, revealing her bare tatas to the audience. Reportedly she wasn't wearing a bra. Unfortunately TMZ seems to have lost the rights to show video of this. Boo!

Jessica Chastain. The wind got this Oscar-nominated ginger while she was wearing a wraparound dress on the set of her latest film. Huffington Post was kind enough to put a star over her privates.

Khloe Kardashian. Khloe's dress blew up to reveal -- horrors! -- her Spanx underneath.

Joss Stone. The young singer's white dress blew up while she was onstage at Coachella a few years ago. When will singers learn about short dresses and stages?!

Has your skirt ever blown up in an embarrassing place?


Image via Nothingtoomuch1/Flickr

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