Kate Middleton Has Figured Out the Secret to Prince William's Heart

kate middletonThe need to nest is the only thing mom-to-be Kate Middleton is preoccupied with these days. The Duchess of Cambridge is also taking cooking lessons, according to Us Weekly. A source tells the magazine that the couple's newly hired housekeeper is teaching Kate how to prepare a feast worthy of her future king. This can only mean one thing.


Kate is the absolute sweetest royal wife in recent history. How many other newly minted princesses and duchesses are so gung-ho to roll up their sleeves in the kitchen? Think about it. When you dream of that kind of fairy tale, it typically involves wearing tiaras and servants, not using that brand new KitchenAid mixer. But for some, that dream romance can mean taking on a very traditional role.

I am no Donna Reed, but it does feel good to cook a great meal for my husband. It's wonderful to hear how much he has enjoyed some dish that I labored over and tried to prepare to perfection. And it's especially nice to be appreciated for the effort. Kate is probably not much different. Admittedly, there is little about their marriage that is normal -- at least by commoners' standards. I would bet that most women in her position wouldn't even consider stepping foot into the kitchen. They may make sure the staff has a list of the family's favorites, but that's about it.

Kate, on the other hand, seems to be lovingly taking matters into her own hands. The new housekeeper is reportedly teaching her to make homemade pastas and fresh baked breads. It's a small, but important gesture. Doing something you don't have to do for your partner, lover, or spouse can go a long way. It must make Prince William feel incredibly loved.

What do you think of Kate's cooking lessons?


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