Kristen Stewart & 4 Other Celebs Whose Faces Look the Same in Every Pic (PHOTOS)

Have you noticed that Kristen Stewart has the same facial expression in every photo that's ever been taken of her? I mean, okay, technically I think I have seen her smiling (although I'm not gonna look it up, because ain't nobody got time for that), but mostly her posing-for-a-professional-photo face is ... stony? Sulky? Just sort of deadpan?

I don't blame her for not lighting up like a Christmas tree in front of the camera, since she's been pretty up front about her awkwardness and inability to convey emotions in a manner endearing to other humans. But when you really look at how she comes across in photos, it's downright freaky. She's not alone, either -- there are a handful of other celebrities who look exactly the same in every photo, despite hair, makeup, and styling.

Check the amusing GIF evidence of how Kristen Stewart, Paris Hilton, and Beyonce look IDENTICAL in all of their photos.


Let's start with good old KStew, whose dead-eyed no-smile stacks up alarmingly when you view a bunch of photos in succession:

Remember Paris Hilton? She definitely had a signature look, involving a tilted head complete with obnoxiously smug side-smirk:

I've always thought of Beyonce as a sort of style chameleon, but as you can see here, she actually never changes. Whoah.

This is a Jonas brother, right? Is it Nick? Or does he have an identical twin? Or, like, 10 identical twins?

Lastly, Summer Glau (of Firefly fame) clearly has a Posing With Fans Face. Except for that last guy. Man, what happened there?

Do you think celebrities develop a Camera Face to deal with being photographed all the time?

Images via SoBadSoGood

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