Farrah Abraham's Strip Club Tour Is Real Bottom of the Barrel Fame

Farrah AbrahamFarrah Abraham is not just content to have a sex tape and the drooling mouths of millions of Vivid subscribers. Now, she will also be embarking on a strip club tour of several places over the summer to the tune of $10,000 per visit. Can anyone say fame whore?

To be sure, she is not the first reality "star" to cash in on her fame this way. Heidi Montag did the same thing at Crazy Horse and Adrianne Curry found herself in a few strip clubs over the years. So what gives? Is she really going to find fame this way?

I have $100 that says no way. This is more or less the last ditch efforts of someone on their way out. Sure, she will make money, but she has sunk about as low as she can. Is Montag a celebrity now or is she a joke? I'd say the latter.


Farrah is walking down a path (er, a cat walk) many have tried before and it simply doesn't work. She would have been better off sticking with the restaurant idea.

Hopefully Farrah is going to be saving some of the cash she is making, but I wouldn't put money on that. Farrah has been notoriously irresponsible with the cash she has made thus far, touring $3 million homes and throwing it away on silly trinkets.

She should be cashing in now. But this money train won't be lasting long. She should be saving every penny she makes. The reality is, she has gone straight to the bottom of the barrel with this plan. There is no lower she can sink. Porn is usually the last stop, but with Farrah, it was the first.

Does anyone REALLY believe this was accidentally leaked or that it's ANYTHING but a purposely made porno? I mean, good luck to her, but this seems astoundingly obvious to me.

Farrah can take a million strip club tours and it will be the same result. Hold onto your money Farrah. No one will care in a couple years.

Do you think Farrah's "fame" is here to stay?


Image via Vivid Entertainment

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