'Brady Bunch' Kings Island Reunion May Be the Most Humiliating Child Star Comeback Ever (VIDEO)

greg bradyGet ready to kiss your fond memories of Johnny Bravo goodbye: Three original cast members of The Brady Bunch -- Barry Williams (Greg), Christopher Knight (Peter), and Susan Olsen (Cindy) -- reunited at Kings Island amusement park in Ohio to commemorate a Brady Bunch episode filmed there 40 years ago, "The Cincinnati Kids." You remember, the one where Mike has to present his blueprints to the directors of the amusement park so the whole family goes and then hijinks ensue involving Greg going after some groovy chic and Bobby and Cindy going on a junk food binge and Jan nearly ruining everybody's lives? (Pretty much the plot of every episode, come to think of it.)


Anyway, the aging Brady Bunch-ers went for a ride on the roller coaster and posed for pics with (no joke) hordes of adoring fans and signed books and whatnot, which is sort of depressing to contemplate considering Cindy hasn't had curls (or braids) for almost 50 years now and why do we force grown-up child stars to pimp out their former personas decades later?

But if that was "sort of" depressing, what happened next was ... oh hell, I'm just gonna come right out and tell you: Williams got up on stage and performed a parody of Eminem's "The Real Slim Shady" called "The Real Greg Brady."

Won't the real Greg Brady please sit down?!?!

The man is 58 years old! Like I said, going on a roller coaster and waving at the camera is one thing, but rapping about the curse of Tabu (thanks again, Jan) is no way to look back with dignity.

After all, a wise bunch once sang:

When it's time to change, you've got to rearrange.

Do you think it's humiliating when former child stars make "comebacks" like this one?

Image via USAToday

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