Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez Might Be Back Together in a BIG Way

Justin BieberIt really gets exhausting trying to figure out if Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez are a couple or not. It's so confusing! No wonder I'm not sleeping well. First, we thought they were done with each other forever -- Selena made the media rounds touting her single status and even told David Letterman she had made Bieber cry. So sad! But THEN. Justin tweeted a pic of the two of them together, with Selena asking him to "come cuddle" because he'd been working on music too long. AWWW. They're baaaaack. But THEN. They broke up again, cause Selena told a radio station she was definitely single and "available in every way." But NOW. It appears these two on-off luvahs are going to be sitting together at Sunday night's Billboard Awards. GAH!


TMZ has got the proof, my friends. A picture of the seating chart with Justin and Selena's faces plastered on their respective seats. And they're right next to each other!

Well, okay. There's an empty seat between them. But there's an empty row between everyone. So maybe that's just go give people more space.

TMZ reports that this isn't an accident or a joke (that'd be a funny one, eh?). Nope, apparently stars can request where they sit, so Jelena must have requested each other.

Hey, these kids aren't famous for nothing. They know how to work the media and the public. They knew we'd all be watching to see if they would be seated near each other, and whether they'd be throwing each flirty glances or looks that could kill or both.

They're pulling a Rihanna/Chris Brown. No one was quite sure of their status and yet they kept drawing out their maybe-they-are-maybe-they're-not relationship in front of the public. And then they sat together at the Grammy Awards and everyone knew.

But then RiRi and Chris broke up.

So don't be surprised if this public reunion between Jelena doesn't last very long. I think they've figured out it's better to keep people guessing. And it certainly guarantees all eyes are on them. Just how they like it.

Do you think they're back together or this is just a publicity stunt?


Image via Justin Bieber/Instagram


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