Will the 'Real Housewives' Divorce Curse Claim Another Couple? (VIDEO)

heather dubrowOn this week's episode of The Real Housewives of Orange County, we were afforded a peek inside Heather and Terry DuBrow's marriage. During a wine tasting in Malibu, their conversation about the D-word was a real, emotional, and raw moment that we rarely get to see on reality TV anymore. Even Vicki Gunvalson, the last person you'd ever think would give good love life advice, had honest and sage words to share.


I was pretty blown away by the conversation, if only because it seemed so unfiltered. Even though I'm sure that prior to the breakfast, Heather and Terry agreed they'd air some of their divorce drama on TV, it still doesn't take away any of its authenticity. They talked about a real fight that hurt, and is possibly still hurting, their marriage.

Heather has every right to be upset that Terry would throw around the D-word so casually, and he seems to regret it and understand how detrimental that can be to the relationship. When both Vicki and Tamra admitted "divorce" was a word they used all too often in their own marriages, which both ultimately ended in divorce, it was a poignant reminder of the word's power.

It would be surprising if Heather and Terry decided to split -- they seem to be able to have really open and honest discussions about their feelings, a saving grace if ever there was one. Even if they do have those talks on camera. In front of millions of viewers. When they're being paid as a couple to star on the show. Still counts!

Do you think Heather and Terry will get a divorce?

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