Celebrity Says Incredibly Nasty Things About Farrah Abraham, Then Gets Attacked for It

farrah abrahamFarrah Abraham is all the rage these days, so naturally, celebs are weighing in on what they think of the Teen Mom and her blossoming career as an "accidental" adult film star. John Legend's fiance, Chrissy Teigan, is one of those people. Teigan wrote on her Twitter: "Farrah Abraham now thinks she is pregnant from her sex tape. In other news you're a whore and everyone hates you. Whoops not other news, sorry."

Bold, right? And to be totally forthcoming, probably what a lot of other people are thinking. But there was backlash against Teigan -- crazy backlash. But Chrissy fought back. Hard.


After being attacked on her Twitter page, Teigan wrote: "Wow. Amazed to see the outrage behind calling a staged leaked sex tape chick from Teen Mom exactly what she is. Go on with your bad selves." And she didn't stop there. Teigan then continued: "Ok, so what I have learned today is slut shaming is a thing like bullying. Do NOT bully sluts, guys. We have a real problem here. People are really defending backdoor teem mom hardcore porn ... Are we really gonna pretend like this girl just had an accidentally leaked sex tape? Seriously?? What the f--k is wrong with you?"

You've gotta give it to the woman. She clearly says what she thinks, and makes no apologies about it. I think people in the spotlight often feel like they need to backtrack or issue a professional statement after getting attacked on social media and beyond. I find it really refreshing to see someone who's standing their ground, and not kissing the public's ass.

It's true, the word "whore" isn't the nicest in the dictionary. So perhaps Chrissy could have chosen something else. But I really don't see how anyone can disagree with her general sentiment. Farrah Abraham is getting very wealthy off of having sex with a porn star and trying to make it seem like it was a leaked sex tape. That's f*cked up! Why someone would want to defend that is beyond me.

Chrissy, for PC's sake, I guess you could have said something like, "You're disgusting and everyone hates you," but I'm with you, girl. I've got your back.

What do you think of what Chrissy Teigan said?


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