Kim Kardashian Must Be So Embarrassed After Kanye West’s Latest Public Tantrum (VIDEO)

Kanye WestKanye West just can't help himself. He's got to rant about everything. Instead of being grateful for all that he has -- fame, riches, a career that he's passionate about, a woman that he apparently loves madly, a new baby on the way -- he's got to find something to gripe about. So he falls on that old celebrity bogeyman, the paparazzi. Kanye took to the stage at a recent gig and let rip on the paps and how they're making his life hell.


He was videotaped ranting:

I don't know if you know there's one thing about me, but I'm not a celebrity. I don't know if you know there's one thing about me, but I'm a terrible, terrible celebrity. I don't know if you know there's one thing about me, but I'm the worst kind of celebrity ... Because I only make real music ... I'm only up in the studio to make real sh-t ... I don't want nobody coming up to me with cameras and sh-t ... Selling pictures to a f--king magazine ... Asking me dumb f--king questions ... Because I'm not a motherf--king celebrity ... I only make music that inspires you to be the best you can be -- and I don't want anyone to ask anything else of me.

He also talked about refusing to do a Saturday Night Live skit that would poke fun of his many pap melees, the most recent one finding him storming out of a restaurant to tell a pap, "Stop taking f***ing pictures!" You might as well tell the sun to stop shining.

Anyway, methinks Kanye doth protest too much. Does a man who stage bombs Taylor Swift not want attention? Does a man who impregnates and presumably will marry Kim Kardashian not want attention? She makes her living BEING FOLLOWED BY CAMERAS.

Additionally, Kim has said that Kanye "loves" the whole reality show thing. An ex-girlfriend of Kanye's said that Kim "fits into his brand."

The man could have made tons of anonymous women his girlfriend. He chose Kim. You can help who you fall for. Or at least you can certainly help not getting that person pregnant.

Please, Kanye. You're not only a terrible celebrity, you're a terrible liar.

Do you think Kanye West REALLY hates the paps?

Image via Fuse/YouTube

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