P. Diddy Joins ‘Downton Abbey’ & Gives the Crawleys a Run for Their Money (VIDEO)

P Diddy Downton AbbeyHey all you Downton Abbey fans! This is the funniest thing you're going to see all day. News has come out recently that Downton Abbey just cast its first recurring black character, Gary Carr. Little did we know, however, that that information is totally and completely false. The first black character ever to have a recurring role on Downton is none other than P. Diddy! Obviously! And he's the best damn addition to the Downton Abbey cast I've ever seen, thanks to Funny or Die.

P. Diddy stars as Lord Wolcott in what he refers to as "Downtown Abbey." Somehow we just never managed to notice him in some of the series' most iconic, memorable scenes. But P. Diddy has done us a solid by giving us a Downton highlight reel that will put all other Downton highlight reels to shame. Check it out.


Warning ... there's some NSFW language. It's P. Diddy, after all.

Damn ... I wish that was how I could send my emails.

There's not much more to say about this one, so here are the best lines that will soon become Downton classics:

"Ohhh, dat was a little bitchy."

"You keepin' these hoes in check around here."

"Everybody welcome to the first ever white party!"

"I knew you could walk!"

"You, my good man, are a wonderful doctor ... You ain't shit."

"This world war is so dreadful. I pray there's not a World War II."

"Now, I want you two to kiss in front of me, and I want you to use your tongues. Yeah."

"Here I am. In between these two white people."

I'd say P. Diddy fits right into the Crawley family, wouldn't you? He'd definitely be able to keep up with the Dowager Countess and her snappy one-liners. Jeez, not sure why they didn't think of this before. His announcement on Twitter that he was joining the cast may not have been entirely true, but still, Gary Carr certainly has a lot to live up to.

I guess the most pertinent question after all this is: When are they going to cast an Asian person??

Cheers to all you other Abbey-heads! What did you think of the first black cast member of Downton Abbey?


Image via Funny or Die

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