Kelly Rowland Admits She's Jealous of Beyoncé But That's Not Her Only Secret

kelly rowlandSo, let's say you (Kelly Rowland) are one-third of a super-successful music group (Destiny's Child). And let's say one of the other thirds (Beyoncé) goes on to get way, way more successful than your group ever was or could be. Would you support her career? Sure you would ... but there's supportive -- and then there's supportive. Like, there's Mrs. Brady Supportive: "Marcia, you made the cheerleading squad! That's wonderful!" And then there's Jan Brady supportive: "Marcia, you made the cheerleading squad. That's wonderful. MARCIA, MARCIA, MARCIA!!"

Well, Rowland has a new album coming out (Talk a Good Game) with a new song ("Dirty Laundry"), and that song is basically Rowland's way of admitting that yes, she is Jan Brady supportive of Beyonce's career. Or to put it more bluntly, yes, Kelly Rowland is jealous of Beyoncé.


Hey, we all suspected as much, but I give Rowland credit for claiming sour grapes. The lyrics are pretty straightforward, too:

"When my sister was on stage killin' it like a (expletive)/ I was enraged, feelin' it like a (expletive)/ Bird in a cage/ You would never know what I was dealin' with/ Went our separate ways but I was happy she was killin' it/ Bittersweet she was up, I was down/ No lie, I feel good for her but what do I do now? ... Post-Survivor, she on fire/ Who wanna hear my (expletive)?"

Indeed, it must suck to be Princess Beyoncé's less-flashy stepsister. But Rowland sings about more than status envy in "Dirty Laundry," and her next secret is of a far more serious nature: Apparently while Beyoncé was skyrocketing to uber-fame, Rowland was stuck in an abusive relationship with a guy who took advantage of her insecurity. Sadly, I can see how something like that could have happened -- as destiny's forgotten child, it was probably all too easy for Rowland to believe her abuser when he said no one loved her except for him.

A sad story, and a familiar one for many women. But it seems Rowland is finally in charge of her own destiny.

Are you surprised to hear about Kelly Rowland's abusive relationship?


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