'Mad Men' Star Spills Surprising Teasers About the Rest of Season 6

don ted mad menEven though Joan told Peggy last week, "Everything keeps changing out here, but everything's the same in there," all of the characters on Mad Men have had to face major changes in 1968. One of the biggest, undeniably, has to be the merger between Sterling Draper Cooper Pryce and Cutler Gleason and Chaough. In just the matter of several episodes, the man we knew mostly just as Don's arch rival and Peggy's new boss, Ted Chaough, has gone from a minor annoyance and SDCP competitor to a main character in season 6. Not just that -- he's Don's full-on foil!

That said, I wouldn't be surprised if the actor who plays Ted, Kevin Rahm, has more than a little insight into the rest of season 6. Here, intriguing details he recently spilled to Vulture.com that seem to offer major clues about what's in store for Draper, Chaough, & Co. in the coming weeks ...

  1. Ted's pilot background may be important. Not sure if this will really have any bearing on coming plotlines, but Rahm says as way back as two seasons ago, Ted had "a ten-foot-tall propeller" against the wall of his office and airplane stuff on his desk. But it was never revealed that he was a pilot until this past episode, "Man with a Plan." So either Weiner always knew he was a pilot or they decided to make him one after looking back at the props, but either way -- wow, talk about being detail oriented!
  2. Peggy and Ted may not be meant to be. Although there seems to be "a lot of mutual respect," and "they look out for each other," Rahm says, "I don’t know if that always works into a romantic relationship." Maybe Peggy will end up sticking with Abe after all.
  3. Ted's tweaked costume design is completely intentional. Remember how he used to wear turtlenecks galore? But more recently he's been dressing more like Don ... That's completely on purpose. "They had me come in at the beginning of the episode in regular black shoes and more of a suit and tie, to look like — you think it’s Jon [Hamm] walking in, and it turns out to be me," Rahm says. Uh-oh -- more proof he's about to fill his former nemesis' shoes at the new firm? 
  4. The merger may be a disaster. Rahm admits, "It’s not gonna be easy. It can’t be easy, otherwise there’s no show. You need conflict, and I think it’s gonna offer a lot of good conflict at how they work together, how they work it out, how the firm grows."

What do you think lies ahead for Ted, especially when it comes to his relationships with Peggy and Don?


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