Are 'RHONY' Cast Members Going Broke Because of the Show?

rhonyThe Real Housewives of New York have settled their contracts with Bravo, but apparently, they're still unhappy with their salaries. (Not so unhappy that they turned down the offer, but still, unhappy.) According to Perez Hilton, the RHONY ladies are required to film five months out of the year, and when it's a shooting day, they must be filmed for one to three hours in the morning, then again for another three or four hours in the evening.

Their complaint? The salary doesn't match the demands. It's a full-time job, they allege, and they're being underpaid for their work.


Again, not so underpaid that they'd walk away from the offer, but still, "underpaid."

For the record, Ramona Singer and LuAnn DeLesseps make $500,000, Sonja Morgan gets $350,000, and Aviva, Heather, and Carole make $150,000 a season.

Here's the kicker. The source is saying that some of the 'wives are actually losing money by being on the show. Apparently, they're spending a lot of cash on fresh flowers for their homes, cleaning services, personal hair and makeup teams, nice clothes for themselves and their families ... the whole thing.

I can see where they're coming from ... if my life was going to be on TV, I'd want to make sure that I looked my best and that my home was picture perfect. Buuuut, I wouldn't outspend what I earned because that's just insane. For businesswomen, it's surprising that making a net profit from the show isn't a priority.

Who knows how much money Bravo makes off of the RHONY, and while I think fair pay is very important, I do think that the ladies need to take a step down from their ivory towers and realize how good they have it.

If their biggest complaint is the cost of gorgeous flowers for their multimillion-dollar homes, they might need a reality check.

What do you think?


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