Ian Somerhalder's Way of Getting Over His Breakup Will Make You Love Him Even More

ian somerhalderIan Somerhalder is mending his broken heart in New Orleans. The 34-year-old actor recently broke up with his girlfriend of three years, Nina Dobrev, and has apparently decided to lick his wounds down in NOLA. Ian and his father, Robert, were photographed surveying some land (possibly for purchase) about an hour's ride from his hometown in Covington, Louisiana.

Good thing Ian's soaking up the family time while he can ... in just two months, he'll be back at work on the set of Vampire Diaries with ex Nina.


Drama! Even though sources claim that Ian and Nina are consummate professionals, it's probably going to be pret-ty awkward back on set. After dating for three years, it's going to be hard to push all those emotions, positive and negative, aside and focus on the task at hand. I mean, when you have to slit some throats, and your ex is standing right there, things could get a little heated, is all I'm saying.

But Ian's doing the right thing. I'm sure spending time at home with his family is a grounding experience that will give him a solid foundation from which to re-start life sans Nina.

Nina, on the other hand, has spent some quality time with her girlfriends in Miami, and has most recently been spotted partying it up in L.A. Not exactly the same sort of grounding experience, but likely helpful and healing nevertheless.

Even though they're no longer a couple, it sounds like it's still a possibility that they'd star in Fifty Shades of Grey together. Hey, if they're "consummate professionals", why wouldn't they?

Getting paid to simulate sex on camera with your ex for the duration of a two-hour movie could be the best worst idea I've ever heard.

What do you think about Ian and Nina's future working together?


Photo via Pacific Coast News

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