Kanye West's Precious Car Crushed by Kim Kardashian's Gates Because They're Tired of His Rants Too (VIDEO)

Poor Kanye West. He isn't having the most successful month. With a baby due soon, you'd think he'd be over the moon. But to judge by his permascowl and his recent tirade against a photographer, he's not in his happy place. In Paris, he seemed to be in a bad mood as his baby mama, Kim Kardashian, scowled at him. Back in Los Angeles, he walked straight into a sign and cut his head. Now the latest: A driver was driving his precious black Lamboghini into the gates of Kim's estate when the gates came crashing into the sides of it, crushing it. What did Kanye do to deserve all of this bad luck? Did a black cat cross his path? Did he smash a mirror?


The latest Kanyebacle happened as Kanye's driver moved the super expensive car, apparently the same $750,000 Lamborghini that Kim bought him for his birthday, through Kim's steel gates when they began closing. The car didn't make it through in time and the gates crushed the car like a bad egg. Okay, it mostly just slapped the car like a naughty child's bottom. But still! That's an expensive car!

Reportedly, someone from a repair shop came out to inspect the damage, but Kanye himself couldn't do it since he's still in New York. I wonder if Kim is the one who broke the bad news to him or if she left that to the poor driver, who may now be out of a job?

It seems like the world is conspiring against Kanye lately. Sheesh. What could be causing it? Is karma catching up with him? Still making him pay for that whole "Imma let you finish" interruption while Taylor Swift was making her acceptance speech?

Could it be his angry rant at a paparazzo? Those guys are pesky as hell, but Kanye, you did impregnate one of the most famous women in the world, what did you expect would happen?

Or could it be the digs he's still throwing at Kris Humphries? In one of his new songs, he reportedly raps:

Black Timbs all up on yo' couch again / Black d**k all up in yo' spouse again.

Oh, yikes, Kanye. They're divorced! Sheesh. Of course, maybe he wrote this awhile ago. But really? Need we go there?

Kanye, karma will bite you in the ass. Or crush your car. So put some positive energy out there, my gentle friend.

Why do you think Kanye is having such bad luck?

Image via TMZ

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