Khloe Kardashian Gets Braces & Comes Clean About the 'Work' It Takes to Look So Good

khloe kardashian redbookWe love Khloe Kardashian -- maybe even more than any other Kardashian or Jenner -- because she's real and honest and tells it like it is. Kim may be getting Botox every week for all we know and attempting to keep it quiet, but when Khloe does something to tweak her appearance, she's all out and proud about it. Like how she tweeted last week about her new dental work ... Like many adults, Khloe revealed she got braces -- more specifically, she's straightening her teeth with Invisalign. She joked on Twitter, "Thank you Dr. [Kevin B.] Sands for being the best dentist ever! If only we could all be put to sleep like [my husband Lamar Odom]." Ha!

This admission comes right on the heels of her interview in Redbook's June issue, in which she revealed various tips and tricks for accenting her assets and distracting from the parts she's not so thrilled with. I'm finding Khloe's candor about what she does to look her best seriously refreshing! Not to mention useful!  


Though we should love ourselves as we are, there's always a little something here or there we want to tweak or pull attention away or toward. I was brought up on my mom's many tricks for dressing "slimmer," so I'm a bit brainwashed not to wear white or horizontal stripes or busy prints, which is completely annoying.

But at the same time, I have always wanted to find styles that flatter my pear-shaped figure. Like I gravitate to A-line dresses that show off my small waist while flattering my wider hips, and I steer clear of cap-sleeved tops, which don't do anything for a woman whose upper arms -- no matter how many tricep toning she does! -- likely won't ever look like Michelle Obama's.

Similarly, Khloe admits her arms are "the first place I'll gain weight and the last of the weight to go. I'm insecure about them, but there are ways to disguise them."

She confesses:

I've learned to invest in cute cardigans. There are so many sheer and crocheted ones that are airy and you can still wear them with a little sundress.

Good call! I've done it myself.

Don't get me wrong. It's not that we should ever feel we need to invest in layers of camouflage to hide what we perceive as flaws. But ultimately, wearing clothes that suit your figure or getting a minimally invasive cosmetic treatment like Invisalign or whitening your teeth or getting laser hair removal can definitely boost confidence. And there's never any shame in striving for more of that.

What are some tips and tricks you've used to accentuate your assets?


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