Airman Surprises Little Sister at Graduation -- Wait 'til You See Her Touching Reaction! (VIDEO)

military homecomingA part of Brooke Krogman was sad the morning of her high school graduation. Sure, she was about to walk down the infamous aisle of Preston High School in her Iowa town; and yes, she was about to move on to greener pastures. But someone very dear to her wasn't there to see her on her big day: Her brother.

Brooke's brother, Justin, has served in the Air Force for the past seven years, and understandably, he's missed a lot of family events. "He can't just come back for something for Brooke," Brooke's dad, Brian, said. "Or even call her, he's limited to when he can call."

But, Justin, who's currently stationed in England, knew it would mean the world to his younger sister if he was at her high school graduation. So he surprised her.

Get your tissues ready. This one's a doozy.




As heart-breaking as it is that Justin has missed out on so many important things of Brooke's, this kind of makes up for it. Brooke clearly couldn't be more thrilled that her brother, who she thought was in another country, made the big trip just for her. It shows how much she means to him. And that's something Brooke will always have -- regardless of where her sibling is.

How sweet is this military homecoming?


Image via KWOX

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