'Real Housewives' Star Dishes It Out to NeNe Leakes After Her Rude Comments

nene leakesReal Housewives of Atlanta star NeNe Leakes went off on, well, pretty much everyone recently to Andy Cohen during a Watch What Happens Live special. Brandi Glanville, Melissa Gorga, and former RHOA star, Sheree Whitfield, were all in NeNe's crossfire. But NeNe had extra special things to say about Whitfield, calling her evil and entitled. Leakes also went on to say that Sheree was the one castmember she would never, ever talk to again. But once the She by Sheree CEO got wind of what Leakes said about her, she, of course, retaliated.


While on Watch What Happens Live, Sheree said: "I'm really flattered that the 'rich and famous' -- the newly 'rich and famous' -- still have time to talk about me all day. I don’t know, um, maybe get a life?" And the best part? Sheree was actually saying this to Leakes' Glee costar, Matthew Morrison, who was donning a "NeNe" mask during the show. Whitfield also added to TooFab: "I can say, when someone knows your baggage and someone knows all your dirt ... I'm not afraid of her. But I wish her the best. I wish her the best."

Okay, so Sheree got a little "get a life" dig in at Leakes, but for all intents and purposes, she took the high road. Whenever you wish an enemy "the best", it's the polite way of saying, in the immortal words of Kelly Bensimon: "I'm up here, and you're down here."

NeNe really ought to watch what she says about people. She may be the highest paid Housewives star, and have a legitimate acting career going on right now, but she also needs to realize that The New Normal was just canceled. And it's not like Oliver Stone is knocking down her door. In other words, this could all be gone tomorrow -- and what will she have left?

Besides a reputation as a person who talks shit about pretty much every person she's ever known, not much. And that doesn't seem very fun, now does it?

What do you think of NeNe?

Image via Bravo

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