'Walking Dead' Season 4 Spoilers: If Rick Dumps Daryl, We'll Never Watch the Show Again

rick walking deadBest news of the month so far? Season 4 of the Walking Dead has finally started filming!! Oh, happy day. Granted, we have to wait until October for the season premiere, but at least now we can find some comfort in the promise of spoilers to come -- not to mention pics straight from the set. Case in point: This lovely-to-look at shot of Andrew Lincoln (Rick) back in action. Awww yeah, baby! Except ruh-roh ... turn around, Rick! There's a walker behind you with, um, a very unique style. Seriously, is that a dress over pants (never a good look) with a suit jacket on top? And what's with the hair? Silly walker, Jesus hair is for ... well, not zombies.

Anyway. About those spoilers -- we've got some!!


First up: Were you a fan of the time jump in between seasons 2 and 3? Like how at the end of season 2, Laurie was only mildly preggers, and then suddenly at the beginning of season 3, she had that great big basketball under her shirt and we were like, Aha! Looks like a few months have passed? If you thought that storytelling device was a pretty nifty trick, you'll be happy to hear that a similar "time jump" will occur between seasons 3 and 4. (Without a pregnant character, I can only assume the passage of months will be marked by Carl growing a beard.) If you didn't like the time jump ... yeah, sorry.

I'm cool with the time jump, but the NEXT spoiler is full-on freaking me out. Rumor has it one of the characters is going to "betray" Rick. Someone he trusts. Rumor ALSO has it that Tyreese (Chad L. Coleman) will become "Rick's right-hand man and co-leader of the group." Whoa, whoa, whoa. Does that mean Daryl (Norman Effing Reedus) will be the one to betray Rick?! And if he does, will Rick kick Daryl to the curb?!

Look, Rick (let's just pretend like Rick is a real person and can hear me, okay?), if you even think about messing with Daryl, you're gonna wish those walkers got ahold of you two seasons ago!!

Do you think Daryl will be the one to betray Rick?


Image via AMC

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