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Happy Birthday, Robert Pattinson: 11 of His Gloomiest Looks in One Heck of a Year

Celebrities Adriana Velez May 13, 2013

robert pattinsonToday is a very special day. Do you know why? Because it's Robert Pattinson's 27th birthday, everybody! The Stir's favorite Taurus has had one hell of a year. Poor Rob's heart was smashed to bits, he had to swim through a crazy scandal, then he trotted all over the globe for the Breaking Dawn 2 premieres, shaved his head, and worked in the Australian desert for two months. No wonder he always looked so glum! Here are Rob's gloomiest moments of the year -- hope this year gives him more to smile about.

1RPattz Pulls a Funny Face

Robert Pattinson doesn't even know what's coming, but he's still pulling a grouchy old man face.

2Beanie Baby

Nothing says The Blues like a blue beanie.

3Sad Rob

Rob's first public appearance since that Mini Cooper with Rupert Sanders crashed into his happy romance with Kristen Stewart. Sad face.

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4Rob Is Still Sad

Nothing can chase Rob's funk away, not even eating ice cream with Jon Stewart and heading out for lunch with David Cronenberg.

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5Rob in Disguise

Robert would rather wear this kooky mask than be seen leaving a Halloween party with "Trampire" Kristen. Are they back together again?!?

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6'Breaking Dawn 2' Premiere Los Angeles

It's official! Rob and Kristen patch things up just in time for the first Breaking Dawn 2 premiere in Los Angeles. Or did they? What do those dead eyes tell you ...

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7Man on the Town

Rob leaves a party this spring with Vince Vaughn and Joaquin Phoenix -- where apparently they all drank absinthe and talked about climate change, just going by his expression.

8Hairless at Coachella

"I may be at a music festival, but I don't have to like it, damnit!"


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9Rob in Mad Face

Rob storms out of New York City and back to LA with his Mad Face on after photos of Kristen getting in a car with a Rupert Sanders look-alike surface. But we're pretty sure it's just that he can't remember if he left his favorite toothbrush back at the hotel. "Damnit, that was the best toothbrush I ever had!"

10Remember Last Year?

Rob poured on the unbuttoned raffish charm at Cannes a year ago. Ah, happier times. We miss that smile.

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