Kim Kardashian SHOULD Be 'Nervous & Anxious' About Being a Mom

Kim Kardashian Kanye WestMark it on the calendar: I feel bad for Kim Kardashian. And after what the reality star had to say about becoming a mother, I'm betting every mom in America will too.

Turns out it's not all roses and clover for Kim and Kanye West right now.


The pregnant Kim says she's "nervous and anxious" to become a mom. Can you blame her?

I distinctly remember being terrified of becoming a mom. Unlike Kim and Kanye, who some say got pregnant by accident -- albeit a happy one -- my husband and I had specifically tried for a baby. We were a bunch of happy fools when the two little lines finally showed up on the pregnancy test.

And then it all sank in.

At one point, I was going to have to give birth. I'd have to feed this little person, and figure out why he or she (at that point we didn't know WHO we were having) was crying, and keep him or her alive!


I can't keep a houseplant alive!

And I'd have to keep a PERSON alive.

Every day that brought me nearer my due date was a mix of excitement over meeting our child and abject terror. If I screwed this up, it would be the worst screw-up of my life.

This is what Kim Kardashian is facing. Only unlike me, Kim is facing it under the microscope of a few million eyes watching, judging. Her fans want to know every detail of her life. Her critics want her to fail so they can poke fun at her.

And let's face it -- she will screw up. And this is not a Kim Kardashian slam. It's because we ALL screw up as moms, especially at the beginning. It's a whole lot of trial and error in those early days.

Only most of us are lucky enough to make those errors in the privacy of our own homes with no more than our mothers and mothers-in-law hounding us for screwing up. Kim Kardashian will have the whole darn world breathing down her neck.

Yup, I'd be nervous too ...

What are you nervous about? 


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