Farrah Abraham's LAX Fight With Ticket Agent Is Diva Behavior at Its Finest

teen mom farrah abrahamIf Teen Mom Farrah Abraham's LAX fight doesn't prove she's a diva, I don't know what will. TMZ reports that the backdoor Teen Mom got in an altercation with American Airlines at the Los Angeles airport when, you won't believe this, they wanted her to check her oversized duffel bag. The horror. The airport police were called after Farrah allegedly told the ticket agent she was "trash" and demanded to speak to her supervisor.


The cops were not amused by the situation and told Farrah to calm down and have some respect. She eventually checked her damn bag and made it to her flight, but not without first taking to Twitter to put American Airlines on blast for their absolutely devastating bag-checking rules.

She tweeted:

thought American Airlines was good apparently they need better customer service , never flying with them again:) #CallThePolice

So ... hmm. Are we to call the cops when we're told to check our bags when we don't want to, or call them to complain about Farrah's horrifying experience with the airline? I'm confused what she wants us to do.

Maybe we should just call them when we stab ourselves in the eyeballs over the fact that Farrah has more money than we do, and about one-hundredth the brain cells.

Is this little outburst at the airport a sign of Farrah's unravelling? At any moment will she dangle blanketed babies from balconies and fill her home with mannequins?

Clearly she thinks she's a star who deserves special treatment ... only a matter of time until her head gets so big it explodes. Figuratively speaking, of course.

What do you think of Farrah's diva behavior?


Photo via farrahabrahamofficial/Instagram

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