Amanda Bynes' 3-Year Probation Sentence Could Be a Blessing in Disguise (VIDEO)

amanda bynesAmanda Bynes' behavior as of late has been worrisome, to say the least. Given the perpetual onslaught of confounding tweets, wacky twitpics, declarations of love for the Biebs, generally bizarro stalking around NYC, it almost seemed safe to say there's no turning back for the former actress. She's appeared to have settled down in LiLo-'07 Britney-Charlie Sheen Land. But yesterday, something happened to make me wonder if maybe there's hope for her after all!

Amanda had her California-based attorney file a no-contest plea in court in Burbank, settling a case that goes all the way back to an incident in September. As you may recall, she had her car impounded on-site for driving on a suspended license. The license had been suspended a month earlier after a few alleged hit-and-run incidents, which occurred not long after she was arrested for side-swiping a police car and refusing to take a breath analyzer test. (That DUI case is still pending.)


Whewwww, so clearly, she was due for some action in court. Thankfully, it sounds like things went rather smoothly for the seemingly troubled star. All she got was three years' probation, during which Amanda is supposed to obey all laws. She was also warned not to drive without proper license and insurance and fined $300.

As the L.A. Times points out, good thing it seems like she's content to stay put in Manhattan, where she can get around without a car. But even better, I think, is that she now has the law hanging over her head in a very definitive way. Perhaps this probation could actually be what she needs to get her act together ...?

Yeah, yeah, yeah. Who am I kidding, right? Troubled celebs are put on probation all the time and continue to act like koo koo birds. Ugh. Well, at the very least, this court action ensures that if she does end up on the wrong side of the law again, there will be serious consequences ... which may ultimately encourage her to seek the help she seems to so desperately need.

Do you think this probation is a step in the right direction for Amanda?


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