Ryan Gosling Refuses to Eat His Cereal & It's Totally Hot

You know how hard it can be to get your kids to eat? Well, it's a lot harder to get Ryan Gosling to eat his cereal. Just a lot sexier. I'm not sure where the idea that Ryan Gosling doesn't like cereal originated, but who cares! Watching His Hotness get all angsty when a spoonful of the crispy breakfast cuisine comes his way is downright agonizing -- but in a good way.


Creator Ryan McHenry came up with the idea of having Ryan -- and many of his various movie characters -- refuse to eat what appears to be corn flakes and put his reactions into a bunch of memes on Vine. It sounds kind of lame, but there's nothing lame about a close-up of Ryan Gosling's trembling lips. Check it out the video version on YouTube:

Don't you love how Ryan's lips get all "no, no, nooo!!!" when presented with the dreaded comestible?

While this video is pretty hilarious, I can't help but wonder how much time creator Ryan McHenry has on his hands? Anyway, time well spent, my friend, time well spent!

What do you think of Ryan refusing to eat his cereal? Don't you just want to spank him and give him a time out -- in your bedroom?


Image via Ryan McHenry/YouTube

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