Amy Poehler Dating Nick Kroll Even Though He Is the Worst Character on 'Parks & Rec'

nick krollI don't know about you but I was really bummed out when the news came out last year that Amy Poehler and Will Arnett were breaking up. They were married for nine years and at the time the kids were 2 and 3. I mean, if they can't make it ... who can? Apparently Rod Stewart has that secret. But! I wiped my tears when I saw how kick ass Poehler was at the Golden Globes just a few months later. She's got this divorce thing. She is going to be just fine. But now she's dating a douche.

"The Douche" to be exact. Real name: Nick Kroll. He plays The Douche on Parks & Recreation -- the radio host guy who Ann (Rashida Jones) dated and thought would be a good sperm donor. Baby Douche! The Douche went on to call Ann and Leslie (Poehler) lesbians on-air. Turns out he's really not so douche-y.


Clearly Amy has a type -- comedians. When not being The Douche, Kroll is hilarious on The League. He also has his own show on Comedy Central called Kroll Show and you've probably seen his face a zillion times on Best Week Ever.

Poehler and Kroll have been seen out on dates. Their most recent canoodle was at Pikey Cafe and Bar on Sunset in Los Angeles.

All of this of course brings up the question if she's moving on too soon? The split with Arnett happened just eight months ago. People are going to be talking. Personally I don't think we should pay attention to any of that. You can't help when things happen sometimes. If she's happy, then everyone should be happy. Friends close to her reportedly said she was looking for a guy just like him. Nick also recently tweeted a photo of him and Amy in character. I think they are adorable together!

What do you think of Amy and Nick together?

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