'Mad Men' Creator Explores What the 'End' May Look Like for Don Draper

don draperMad Men creator Matthew Weiner may not like to tell us too much about his show, but he did sit down for a talk called "Matthew Weiner and the Wives of Don Draper" in NYC this week. Still, he wasn't happy about some of the questions that were launched his way. Like when an audience member asked if this season is about women rising above the men who appear to be floundering more than ever. Weiner's response: "Are you asking, like, because you think things look bad for the men right now, if the men are gonna end up doing great and the women are just gonna be ... This is why the show has to end, because people start to perceive the machinery of it."

Um, what?? The show has to end, because we're too interested in it hypothesizing about the storylines and themes? Because we're thinking about it too much? Ha, ooookay, Weiner!

Thankfully, he was a bit more generous when discussing specific plot lines ... 


For instance, he explained how, obviously, Don's plot is the focal point for him. He said:

Don’s story is important. I pay a lot of attention to that, and everything else is, ‘Where are these people in their lives?’ 

Oookay. So, Don is important, everyone else is -- filler? Ha, maybe he just wasn't having a very good time expressing himself at this event. Maybe that's why the "wives" stepped in at one point, particularly when an audience member asked who made the better wife to Don. January Jones responded, "I’m not sure Don’s supposed to be married in general," and Jessica Paré said, “I don’t think any one of his relationships has been perfect.”

But then, Weiner jumped in:

I think Don likes longing more than he likes people who love him. And I think he’s a deeply wounded person, and his lack of loyalty is pretty deep because I think he doesn’t like people who know him.

Interesting ... So is that pretty much proof that Don and Megan aren't going to make it? Or that he's not going to make it with anyone? He really will end up all alone?

Well, with Matt Weiner's eagle eye trained on Don above anyone else, we'll hopefully get our answer before we have to kiss the show goodbye.

How do you feel about Weiner's explanation for why the show has to end? How about how he holds Don's storyline in such higher regard than any other?


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