Farrah Abraham Doesn't Get Why We're All Talking About Her Sex Life

farrah abraham sex tape coverFarrah Abraham may have asked Twitter followers not to talk to her about the release of her sex tape on Vivid Entertainment's website, but she apparently has no issue with discussing it herself. The latest ridiculous remark Farrah tweeted: "I can't believe the one time I have sex in the past year has turned in to this. #UNREAL." Puh-leeez.

Farrah, honey, it's "turned into" this "#UNREAL" publicity monster, because you didn't just have sex. You didn't just have sex for the first time following a dry spell. You MADE A PORN. There's obviously a difference.

Really, who does she think she's kidding?


I was asking the same question when Kim's tape came out and Paris Hilton's, too. Do they truly think they're fooling us with this "OMG, I can't believe my private sex tape has been released to the public!" deer-caught-in-headlights act? It's a joke to act so surprised when the sex tape was clearly so orchestrated, contrived, premeditated, etc., etc.

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In fact, I give Kim and Paris a bit more credit, actually, because when it comes to the history of sex tape-for-celebrity status scheming, they were trailblazers! Farrah, on the other hand, seems to be trying so obviously to follow in their footsteps, and it's beyond pathetic to pretend she doesn't know what's up. To act surprised, ashamed, shocked, or to say "no comment" at this point. Good luck with that!

Then again, whether or not we're buying it has no bearing on those sex tape sales, which are reportedly through the roof. Guess Farrah has no real incentive to put the brakes on her BS now!

What's more annoying: The fact that Farrah made this sex tape or that she's acting surprised by the public's reaction?


Image via Vivid Entertainment

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