Kris Jenner Is the Only One Shocked That She Can’t Get Any Celebs to Be on Her Talk Show

kris jennerIn news that everyone saw coming except for Kris Jenner, Kris Jenner's talk show, Kris, is already in trouble. The momager's show is supposed to hit the airwaves this July but apparently, she's having a hard time finding guests.

I, for one, cannot believe that A list celebrities aren't banging down the door for an opportunity to sit on the couch across from one of the most polarizing women in Hollywood.

But we all know a lack of guests won't deter our Kris. The show must go on!


Here's what will happen. She'll get all the E! network stars -- Kris'll interview Giuliana Rancic, Joan Rivers, the Jonas family, Ryan Lochte, The Wanted, The Saturdays, Ice and Coco, then, of course, she'll interview each and every member of her family -- and that'll add up to three weeks of programming, then the show will get canceled.

Because, please. It's not like Jennifer Aniston is going to sit down with Kris Jenner and open up about her love life and what projects she has in the works. Gwyneth Paltrow? I think not. Lena Dunham? No way. Tina Fey? Outlook is not good.

No celebs are going to want to align themselves with a woman who may or may not have brokered the sale of her own daughter's sex tape in order to thrust the family into the spotlight. She's ruthless, unpredictable, and a total egomaniac. Would YOU want to sit down with her on TV?

Kris' camp says that it's way too early to tell which celebs are and aren't interested in going on her show, yet insist a "bunch" of celebs are "excited" to be a guest on her show.

Kim and Kanye don't count, Kris, sorry.

What do you think about Kris' show?


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