'Biggest Loser' Divorce Announcement Comes at Most Baffling Time

Sam Poueu Stephanie AndersonSam Poueu and Stephanie Anderson had one of reality television's most heartwarming romances. After meeting on The Biggest Loser, Poueu proposed on the show in 2010, and they married in April 2012. This January, they announced they were expecting a baby, and it looked like had found their happily ever after. So today's news that they are divorcing is especially shocking.

They've been through some of life's biggest ups and toughest downs together, many of which we watched play out before our very eyes. They literally went through thick and thin together (they lost a combined total of almost 250 pounds), and even sickness and health as Anderson had to nurse Poueu back to health after he fell from a 54-foot high roof deck.

So what could it be now that's so serious that they are going to split when their baby's arrival is just weeks away?


In a statement to Us Weekly Stephanie's rep didn't offer much insight:

It is with great sadness that my marriage to Sam Poueu is ending. Thank you in advance for respecting our privacy during this difficult time.

Pregnancy can be fraught with plenty of fear and emotions, but it's also one of the most beautiful times in a couple's life. She's currently seven months along, and it's hard to understand why they can't just stick it out for a little while longer and at least try to raise this baby together. It certainly makes us suspect that something pretty major happened.

After all they've been through, it seems like they should be able to work anything out. However, time and time again we learn that relationships aren't always what they seem ... especially those on TV.

Are you surprised to learn of this couple's plans to divorce?


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