Liam Hemsworth's Brothers Had an Intervention Over Miley Cyrus Because They Think She's Bad for Him

miley and liamIt's true, you know. You don't just marry the man, you marry the whole family. So what happens when said family doesn't think you're the right choice? Just ask Miley Cyrus. Word is, Liam Hemsworth's brothers Chris and Luke staged an intervention to end his engagement.


A source tells Us Weekly that they want him to break up with Miley for good. Who could blame them? Since Liam popped the question last June, things haven't exactly been going smoothly. One week they are on, the next they are off. Not to mention they haven't spent much time together in recent months. From many reports, it doesn't seem like either of them is very happy. You don't need to be an expert to conclude this romance is probably doomed.

Besides, they are incredibly young. Not many people their age are ready to make a lifelong commitment. This intervention is probably the best thing that anyone could have done for them. I actually think that it's wonderful that someone loves Liam enough to step in. We should all be so lucky when we are making such a huge and obvious romantic mistake.

Sure, it’s hard to hear, but even harder to say. I have rarely been so brave in that kind of situation. I had a roommate who was dating a guy who stood her up all the time. I'd watch her get all dolled up and then sit there for hours waiting for him to show. I even saw him out at a party solo when I knew he had promised to take her. He'd call really late or even the next morning with some lame excuse, which she never questioned. Honestly, I don't think she wanted to see how wrong he was for her and I was too chicken to tell her. I should have said something, but I didn't want to hurt her more.

There was another instance where I thought a friend's boyfriend was cheating, but since I wasn't 100 percent sure, I kept my mouth shut. Turns out he was fooling around (and with more than one other girl). Now that I am older, I think about these things differently, especially now that my friends are dating with marriage in mind. If we really care about someone -- as Liam's brothers obviously do -- you should say something.

Liam may not have liked hearing what they had to say, but in hindsight, he will probably appreciate it. At the very least, it should make him really stop and think about his relationship and whether or not it's good for him. No word yet on whether Miley and Liam are done for good. If they do get back together, that certainly makes for some awkward moments between Miley and the brothers in the future.

Do you think Liam's brothers were right to step in?

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