‘Real Housewife’ Porsha Williams Shuts Down Rumors of a ‘Fake Divorce’

porsha stewartSince news broke that Real Housewives of Atlanta couple Porsha Williams and Kordell Stewart were getting divorced, some people have suggested the split is a big, Bravo publicity stunt. After all, everyone now knows that Kenya Moore's season-long romance with that unbelievably disinterested guy Walter was a total sham. I certainly wouldn't put this past them.


Porsha certainly wishes it was all a ruse. But alas, Kordell has indeed left her high and dry, the broken-hearted reality star confirmed to TMZ. She is still reeling from the way it all went down. She found out that he had filed for divorce through Twitter. TWITTER! That had to be the tackiest thing he could have done to this poor girl. How humiliating. Who would put themselves through all of this for the sake of ratings? Actually, I am sure plenty of people would -- but I doubt Porsha is among them. She wasn't the smartest or sharpest housewife, but she seemed like the most sincere. 

You could tell that she really loved her husband and respected his opinion. The other ladies of Atlanta nearly spit our their chardonnay when she wouldn't go to a Vegas strip club because her man wouldn't approve. Though, it was clear there was trouble in paradise for Porsha and Kordell. As she became more independent and interested in a life outside the home, their marriage became strained. For some reason, he could not tolerate a wife who wanted children and a career. Someone get this man a copy of Lean In ASAP!

If anyone still doubts that fabled Real Housewives marriage curse, this should make them a believer. It certainly hit this pair pretty early on. They were only on the show one season before their once-happy union crumbled. Perhaps they should change the name of the show? Real Divorcees has a more accurate ring to it.

Do you think Porsha and Kordell's divorce is fake?


Image via Bravo

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