Kristen Stewart Totally Didn't Deserve to Be Voted 'Least Trusted Movie Star' (Hello, Lindsay Lohan?!)

kristen stewartOkay, people: STOP the madness! I thought we were over the whole "burn Kristen Stewart at the stake" thing. Yes, she allegedly cheated on Robert Pattinson (still reeks of conspiracy theory to me), but she doesn't really deserve the dubious distinction of being voted the "Least Trusted Movie Star in America," does she?! Apparently quite a few people think she does, because Reader's Digest just released the results of their nationwide poll "100 Most Trusted People in America," and guess who came in dead last? Not Tom Hanks, who came in first -- of course. Not Sandra Bullock, who came in second -- yawn. Nope. According to the presumably perfect people who participated in this poll, Kristen Stewart is officially the least trustworthy famous person in all the land. Seriously?!

I have just two words for the moral highground dwellers who probably wouldn't leave their goldfish with KStew for the weekend ...


Lindsay Lohan. How is it that people think of Kristen Stewart as less trustworthy than Sticky-Fingered Rehab-Dodging Car-Crashing Gypsy-Punching Lohan?!

Oh, wait -- I have two more words: Amanda Bynes. You're telling me Rehab-Dodging Car-Crashing Twitter-Terrorizing Half-Head Shaving Batsh*t Crazy-ing Bynes is more trustworthy than Kristen Stewart?!

Hell, the list of more deserving celebs goes on and on: Chris Brown. Justin Bieber. That Teen Mom with the sex tape. Scott Disick. Tom Cruise. (Ooops, actually Tom Cruise was voted least trustworthy male celeb. Never mind about him.)

Anyway, you get the point. Them's some effed-up priorities, America. I mean, think about it: Would you leave your goldfish with Lindsay Lohan for the weekend?

Only if you were tired of having a goldfish. Flush.

Do you think Kristen Stewart deserved to be voted Least Trustworthy Movie Star in America?


Image via the_stir/Flickr

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