Gwyneth Paltrow Has a Husband Who Won't Be Seen With Her

Gwyneth PaltrowGwyneth Paltrow has been married for 10 years, but her husband still won't be seen in public with her! I know that GOOP stuff is embarrassing, but c'mon! She's your wife! Haha. I'm kidding. Gwyneth's rockstar husband, Chris Martin, frontman for uber-cool band Coldplay, apparently doesn't like to be seen with his ultra-famous wife -- not even at last night's Met Gala ball, which both attended -- not because of all of her embarrassing ways (so he says anyway), but because he's a ROCK STAR, damn it! And rock stars don't, you know, have wives!


Seriously, this is getting really awkward. Martin had no problem posing with Korean singer Psy, but he wouldn't walk the carpet with the mother of his two children. Gwyneth has said in the past that Chris, whom she likens to a "mad scientist," doesn't want his fans envisioning some cheesy Hollywood couple when they hear his voice crooning stuff like Iiiiiii never meant to cause you troooooble, so he prefers to keep his relationship with Gwyn on the down-low.

What an excuse for not going out with your wife. Honey, I'm just TOO MUCH GENIUS for you! 

Chris, darling, at this point everyone in the damn world, including your fans, knows who you are married to. So what is this really all about? Does Chris just prefer to sit at home, scratch his balls, and catch the game on TV? I don't really see Chris Martin doing that, so probably not.

My guess is he's sitting at home, scratching his balls, and composing his latest artistic masterpiece on ProTools. No excuse not to be seen with your wife once in a blue moon!

On the other hand, it's kind of a brilliant PR move. No one really gossips about Gwyneth and Chris and it's probably because there are no red carpet moments to read into. No gestures that could be misconstrued. None of that He's not wearing his wedding ring! She looks angry at him! They didn't kiss! etc., etc. Gwyneth might enjoy the low-profile relationship too -- she probably learned her lesson about high-profile ones with Brad Pitt. Remember how she would hang on him everywhere?

Still ... if it were my husband, I'd be a little miffed by now if after bearing his two children he still refused to be seen with me. Though, you know, Gwyn's outfits sometimes do beg to be avoided at all costs.

Does your husband go out with you? Do you think there's something behind Chris refusing to be seen with Gwyneth?


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