Farrah Abraham's Sex Tape Outsells Kim Kardashian's But the Reason Might Surprise You

Farrah Abraham Teen MomWell, business is booming in the world of Farrah Abraham. Her sex tape officially crashed Vivid Entertainment's website and sales are going through the roof. Clearly the porn industry is not affected by the dwindling economy. Good to know.

I'm assuming that Farrah is most proud of the fact that she beat out Kim Kardashian for most successful porno. Because I'm sure in her head, making a sex tape more successful than a Kardashian pretty much sets Farrah up for instant A-list celeb status. But not so fast.

Before Farrah's head starts to spin with all of the different clothing lines and perfume deals she can create overnight, let's first address the reason WHY her tape beat out Kim's.


Before Kim's tape was released back in 2007, she wasn't a celebrity in any way, shape, or form. (Going to parties with Paris Hilton and owning a store that nobody has heard of at the time does not count.) Essentially, it was the tape that made her a star (duh). But Farrah's story is completely different because she was already known. Before she released her sex tape, her name was in everybody's mouths -- whether it being about her DUI scandal, waxing her daughters eyebrows, or those "sexy" partying pictures. And this is all on top of the "fame" she already had from Teen Mom. Comparing Farrah in 2013 to Kim is 2007 is just crazy talk. Could you even imagine the mayhem that would happen if Kim's tape came out now instead of years ago? Would it even be a question as to who's the bigger star? I don't think so!

Not to mention how much has changed from 2007 until now -- between Facebook, YouTube, Twitter -- all social media has grown tremendously in popularity, giving Farrah the ultimate platform for sex tape success.

And there you have it, folks. Farrah might have a more successful porno -- but I can assure you, it's NOT because she's the next Kim Kardashian. At least we can be relieved about that.

Do you think Farrah is a bigger star than Kim?

Image via Vivid Entertainment

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