Ian Somerhalder May Be Getting Coached to Play Christian Grey

ian somerhalderEver since we first started buzzing about who would play Christian Grey, Ian Somerhalder has been acting like he's got the role locked down. And even though Alex Pettyfer was cast by Gus Van Sant as Christian in his test film to impress producers, Ian is still acting like he's been personally handed the part by E.L. James. More proof: He wrote a vague tweet that sent Team Ian into a tizzy the other day.

The Vampire Diaries heartthrob updated his followers with, "bye-bye Barcelona- back to LA to break down the new movie with the one and only Ivana Chubbuck (my acting coach and guru)." In other words, his very own Elena Lincoln?!?! Ha! But seriously ... what new movie?!


Fans are gleeful that he means Fifty Shades. Sorry to be a buzzkill, but that just can't possibly be the case. As far as anyone knows, there is no "new movie" yet! Screenwriter Kelly Marcel hasn't finished a script, so there's really nothing any potential Christian Grey could possibly be "breaking down." Unless they were to be flying by the seat of their pants with some faux screenplay or stab-in-the-dark idea of what the script is going to look like. But what good could that really do?

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No, no. It must be that Ian is working with Ivana on another project. But that's okay. Any kind of coaching (especially with an older woman -- ow, ow!) will come in handy for his ultimate Fifty Shades audition. Any role he's able to take on that isn't Damon Salvatore will help him "expand his horizons," get some practice stepping into another man's shoes, and possibly get him even closer to owning the role of the BDSM-loving billionaire ...

What do you think Ian's next project will be? Are you rooting for him to play Christian Grey?

Image via CW

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