Kate Middleton Hires 'the Perfect Housekeeper' Because Princesses With Babies Don't Clean

Kate MiddletonShe only has a few months to go before her royal baby arrives, which is why it really shouldn't come as a huge surprise that Kate Middleton hired a maid to take care of things like cleaning, cooking, and tidying up around the palace. (All the stuff the Duchess has no business concerning herself with.)

And the lucky lady who landed the job comes highly recommended, too. Forty-two-year-old Antonella Fresolone has reportedly snagged the role, and she happens to be one of Queen Elizabeth's "top three housemaids."


(Gee. That sure beats putting an ad on Craigslist to find someone like the rest of us are forced to do.)

Seriously, she sounds pretty awesome, you guys. A royal insider says, "Antonella is renowned for being very hard working. She is extremely dedicated and fully intends for this job to become her whole life. The Queen will have given it her blessing. She does not like to stop people progressing through the ranks and will be happy that William and Kate have someone they can trust."

Ok, so I know Kate is a princess and all, but she's also about to become a mom. And in my opinion, every mom deserves a housekeeper, cleaning lady, or someone other than themselves to take the burden off them and keep things neat and tidy.

As soon as I had my son, I hired a cleaning crew to come in a couple times a month -- and it's a decision I've never regretted for one single second.

Yes, it costs me extra money. And yes, cleaning for the cleaning lady to get the house ready for her to come is a royal pain in the ass. And yes, I've been called "pretentious" because of the fact that I have one. (Which is so lame. Don't even get me started.)

But paying someone to mop my floors, clean my bathrooms, dust my hard surfaces, and disinfect my house from top to bottom is worth every single cent -- because it allows me more quality time to spend with my family, which is priceless.

Everyone has "their thing" when it comes to what they choose to spend extra money on, and for me -- it's worth cutting back in a few other places to keep my cleaning lady coming every other week.

Ok, let's get back to Kate. Even though she's royalty, she's still about to become a mother, which means she'll have much less time on her hands to worry about the state of her home. She's going to be so happy she went ahead and got a housekeeper in place ahead of time.

Instead of fretting over things like the laundry piling up, vacuuming, or scrubbing toilets (something she's probably never done anyway, but whatever), Kate can concentrate on her new life with Prince William and their baby -- which is the way it should be.

Do you have a housekeeper or cleaning crew?


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