Prince Harry Reveals Sex of Kate Middleton's Baby!

Kate MiddletonD'oh! It looks like the cat may be out of the bag for real this time. Supposedly Prince Harry leaked the sex of Kate Middleton's baby -- so now it looks like we may not have to wait until July to know whether a little prince or princess is on the way.

Damn. You'd think Harry would've kept his mouth shut for the sake of Prince William and Kate's privacy -- but I guess he just couldn't resist. And maybe we shouldn't really be all that surprised, given the naked partying scandal in Vegas and all. He's just a "do-and-say-whatever-he-wants" kinda dude.

Ok, ok -- I'll stop rambling and cut to the chase.


Harry is telling friends that his big bro and sister-in-law are, indeed, expecting a baby boy!

(HA! I knew it.)

An "insider" says, "Harry has been telling everyone Wills and Kate are having a boy and how thrilled he is at the prospect of having a little nephew. He said the whole family were excited about it. Apparently Kate has always wanted a boy."

The source also adds, "The close inner circle all know that it's a boy and they're busily buying gifts with a boy theme. There will be an awful lot [of] blue in their house."

Well, there you have it, folks. And if you combine this report with the one from last week about Kate buying a blue baby stroller -- all signs do seem to point to her being pregnant with the future king.

But based on how tight-lipped she and Prince William have been thus far about whether they are expecting a boy or a girl, it's pretty obvious that they aren't too keen on the public finding out ahead of time. And if that's the case, why the heck did they spill the beans to anyone -- even a family member? (If Harry really is running his mouth, of course.)

I'm no genius, but if you don't want anyone knowing the sex of your baby, then you probably shouldn't tell ANYONE the sex of your baby. I don't care how much you think you can trust someone -- at some point, they're gonna slip up and say something. And often times it's not even intentional, it just kind of comes out, although it does sound like Harry blabbed the news on purpose.

But if this report is true, I guess William and Kate can't really fault him for it. He's probably just so ecstatic about being an uncle that he can't contain himself and wants to shout it from the rooftops to anyone who will listen. (Aww. In that case, it's pretty adorable that he let the news slip.)

Have you told friends and family members the sex of your baby?


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