Kim Kardashian's Skinny Jeans & White Top Do Something Amazing to Her Pregnancy Curves (PHOTO)

Kim KardashianShe's taken quite a bit of criticism for some of her maternity fashion choices over the past few months, but Kim Kardashian's white tank top, blazer, and jeans combo that she wore while arriving back in L.A. from Greece is nothing short of a win.

Doesn't she look amazing in this get-up? Despite being heavily preggo -- she somehow managed to pull off appearing slim and trim. Yes, she did. Don't even try and argue with me. Her legs are like two sticks, for crying out loud -- and I mean that in a good way.

Don't you understand what's going on here? You guys -- Kim Kardashian has achieved the impossible.


I don't know how she's pulling it off, but she's figured out how to look better and better the further she gets along in her pregnancy. I know, for most of us, it's the opposite. The bigger we get, well, the bigger we look.

But for whatever reason, as Kim's baby bump grows, it's like the rest of her is either shrinking, has become more well-proportioned, or some other unknown phenomenon is going on that has magically turned her into the "cute" pregnant chick we all wanna be when we're expecting. (Or at least that was one of my main goals. For the record, I didn't even come close to reaching it.)

And you know what? It's about time the poor girl caught a break, considering how badly she's been ridiculed in the media for (gasp!) putting on the extra weight that you're supposed to during pregnancy. Honestly, I don't know how anyone can give her a hard time from this point forward if she keeps wearing outfits like this. Tight-fitting maternity tops plus skinny jeans equals a major win for Kimmy. (Keep it up, girl.)

Do you think Kim looks better now than she did at the beginning of her pregnancy?


Image via Splash

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