Justin Bieber Attacked on Stage as Fans Scream in Horror (VIDEO)

Justin Bieber

A crowd of screaming Bieber fans were shocked, mortified, and I'm sure quite a few almost passed out after seeing Justin Bieber attacked on stage by a crazy person at his concert in Dubai yesterday.

Yep, the Biebs was just going about his business, doin' his thing -- when out of nowhere, some dude ran up on stage and tried to grab him, at which point a security guards came after him. He knocked over the piano -- which was literally right next to Justin.


Do you understand what I'm saying, here? You guys -- it all turned out ok, but Justin Bieber could've been crushed to death by a piano if the thing had fallen on him.

Here's the clip -- he really dodged a musical instrument on this one.


Um, insane, right?

Not gonna lie. My favorite part of this video is the girl screaming, "Are you ok Justin?!?" and practically hyperventilating in the background. (Oh come on -- you found it entertaining too. Just admit it.)

Whoa! Talk about a string of bad luck that just won't end! First his relationship with Selena Gomez went in the crapper. And then he got into that crazy fight with the paparazzi. And oh yeah -- how about the comment he made about Anne Frank being a "Belieber"? (Major fail.)

And now the poor dude has someone try to attack him and almost gets killed by a piano at the same time. (What's next? Being lured into Scientology?)

But maybe since he managed to escape this incident without a scratch, his luck is finally turning around? Maybe, just maybe, this is the beginning of a serious Bieber comeback -- one where the world starts taking him seriously again and he finds another Disney star to fall head-over-heels in love with and live happily ever after. (And repeat the bad luck process all over again, of course.)

Why do you think Justin is having such bad luck lately?


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