Kate Middleton's Baby Shower Spoofed in Hilarious Photos

kate middletonI cannot believe it! There are photos of Kate Middleton's baby shower floating around the Internets. There she is, in a fuschia dress, surrounded by Pippa, Camilla, even the Queen and her corgis. Kate holds up a onesie reading "Born to Rule." Why was I not invited?!?

Oh -- silly me. The photos are actually just a spoof. Photographer Alison Jackson put together some Royal Look-Alikes to pose in a faux shower scene. That explains why everyone is still smiling! Kidding, just kidding. Really though, imagine all the things you wouldn't do if the Queen of England attended your baby shower.


I'm thinking back to my own, where the host handed me a white wine spritzer and insisted, "GO ON, it's fine!" Heh heh, probably not happening at the palace. (Although I wouldn't be surprised if there were some Sherry on hand for the Queen.) There would be no silly games with toilet paper, no swearing, no graphic stories about childbirth, and absolutely no joking about how the royal baby got into Kate's belly in the first place.

I don't know about Pippa wearing a demure floral dress like that. Would she make that choice in real life? 

You know they'd never sit so close together. The photo grouped them that way because it makes an effective photo. But in real life that would be hilarious -- the Queen is practically in Kate's lap! Or maybe that would just be the Queen's way of keeping close tabs on Kate and making sure nothing happens to that little one who's born to rule.

I just hope Kate doesn't go into labor at her shower the way Jenna Bush Hager did. But if she does, I'm sure a flock of doctors fly out of the woodwork to assist her immediately. Come to think of it, do you have a baby at the palace, or in a heavily guarded room at the hospital with the common people? I continue to await my invitation to Kate's shower.

What do you think Kate Middleton's baby shower would really be like?


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