'Game of Thrones: The Climb' Spoilers Reveal a Major Challenge for Jon Snow (VIDEO)

Game of Thrones the climbThis Sunday marks the sixth episode of the third season of Game of Thrones. Sometimes, it's hard to make sense of the titles that producers give to the episodes, but this week, it's pretty clear what this one will be about: "The Climb."

Now that things are picking up for Daenerys Targaryen and Tywin Lannister has made plans for his children, Tyrion and Cersei, it's time to check in with Jon Snow and the Wildings. Jon had a major moment last week with his "Kissed by Fire" girl Ygritte. But now that Mance Rayder, King Beyond the Wall, knows that the Night's Watch has scattered due to some symmetrically spiraled horse heads, they're going to, well, climb the Wall. Hence the name of the title.

Now's the time to speculate what we might see in week 6 of Game of Thrones. There may be SPOILERS AHEAD. I repeat, SPOILERS AHEAD. Don't make me say it again.


For those of you who have read A Storm of Swords, you probably know what's to come: Jon and the Wildings climbing the Wall, which represents a major internal struggle for Jon. He is still loyal to the Night's Watch, but he's broken his vows by getting it on with Ygritte (in one of the very few happy scenes in this series) and is helping the Wildings attack Castle Black. But scaling the Wall will be no easy feat, and it's going to be quite suspenseful/a lot of fun to watch.

The Wall is over 700 feet high, runs for 300 miles across the north, and is made of ice. Small groups up high are able to defend it from scores of attackers since it's so difficult to breach. Parts of the Wall break off while the men attempt to scale it and a few fall to their deaths. Jon does eventually make it -- but how much longer can he keep up this ruse being so close to the Night's Watch?

And we can't forget about the big reveal from last week: Tywin marrying Tyrion to Sansa Stark and Cersei to Loras Tyrell. The Tyrells of course will eventually get wind of this plan -- Wetpaint points out how it'd be great to get a scene with Tywin and Lady Oleanna, and I geeked out. Would the HBO producers be so kind? That'd just be a classic, unforgettable Game of Thrones moment right there.

In the book, we also know that Lord Bolton will give Jaime Lannister an escort back to King's Landing -- but Brienne must stay behind and be ransomed for those "sapphires" Jaime was talking about a few episodes ago (that do not exist). Is this the end for one of the best odd couples on television?

We'll also catch up with Melisandre's journey to the Riverlands (not sure where they're going with that storyline) and Robb Stark weighing "a compromise to repair his alliance with House Frey." We're guessing that compromise is marrying his uncle, Edmure, to a Frey since Robb broke his word and the alliance by marrying another instead. Should be an extremely awkward interaction!

Looks like we'll even get a chance to catch up with Arya (think she's trying to shoot at the Hound?) and Bran and Osha! No glimpse of Daenerys, though, too bad. Here is the preview for "The Climb":

Are you excited to see Jon and the Wildings take on the Wall? Think we'll get a scene with Tywin and Lady Oleanna?


Image via GameofThrones/YouTube

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